sábado, 26 de julho de 2008

Jay Electronica - Style Wars EP (2007)

Muito pouco a dizer e muito muito boa música pra se ouvir... Esse madié tá simplesmente no top do game... hehehehehe

1 Renaissance Man Prod. By J-Dilla
2 So What You Sayin Prod. By J- Dilla
3 Bitches And Drugs Prod. By J-Dilla
4 Dimthyltriptamine Prod. By J-Dilla
5 Be Easy
6 My World (Nas Salute)
7 Get Em' Prod. By Mr. Porter Feat. Guilty Simpson And Mr.Porter
8 My Uzi Weighs A Ton Prod. By Thom Yorke
9 Victory Is In My Clutches
10 Hard To Get Prod. By And Feat. Mr. Porter
11 Somethin To Hold On To Prod. By Nottz
12 I Feel Good

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